Taco Bell Magic

7:06    Plane lands in Houston

9:11    Get to hotel…lucked out with the best possible parking place in stadium-sized full parking lot

10:31  See Taco Bell commercial on TV

10:33  Realize I haven’t had dinner

10:33  Massive craving for Taco Bell begins

10:45  Still thinking about Taco Bell…look up closest location on Google Maps

10:46  Decide to go to Taco Bell

10:53  Get to car….can’t leave this prime spot…the back of the parking lot will be way too far.

10:54  Decide instead to walk the 0.9 miles to Taco Bell.  While I am in route, the craving for Taco Bell increases with every step

11:15  Arrive at Taco Bell…pull door handle…the door is locked.  The sign says, ‘Drive thru 24 hours / Dine-in 10am – 10pm’.

11:17  Stand at drive-thru order speaker.  The cracked, muffled, broken English voice says that I can’t order that way…I must be in a car.

11:17 I say “FUCK”.

11:18  Size up cars in the drive-thru line for possible tag-along options

Car 1 – gangsters

Car 2 – Man?  Woman?  Psycho killer?

Car 3 – Angry tow-truck driver…he is pulling a Prius and has already honked twice

11:19  Think, think, think, think.

11:23  Call for an Uber

11:29  Uber driver Esther arrives and I explain what we’re going to do.  I tell her that I will buy her food and tip her extra.  She’s in!!!

11:29  I say, “FUCK YEAH!”

11:40  Heaven!!


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