Late night Run to the Convenience Store

After too much just hanging out, watching TV, cleaning the house (for the 10th time), I decided to go out for a walk. As I was walking I got a craving. That’s when I decided to go to the convenience store. It was about 4:20 AM and I decided to make the spontaneous video. If…

The Best Guest Ever!

In August of 2016, I was on extended business trip in the Middle East.  As always, I used the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai as my “base camp” hotel.  This hotel is remarkable and if you ever go to Dubai, you must stay here. There are many things that sets this hotel apart from the other…

Working From Home

My days used to be spent on airplanes, long-haul flights, immigration counters, baggage claims, taxi’s to hotels, sitting at the bar for a late dinner (or early breakfast depending on the time of arrival). Nowadays, I find myself sitting comfortably at home doing deals over the phone or having a video conference. Working from home…

What’s Worse…Fighting Chickens or Master-Planned Community ‘Busybodies’?

Fighting chickens need love too!  Especially those raised in master-planned communities. One day in late 2016, I was looking for some cheap entertainment.  After seeing how the neighborhood know-it-all’s crucified a poor lady about posting her baby-sitting request on the wrong topic board, (she should have been on the COMMERCIAL section) I decided have some…

Opportunities Lost

The time was January 1982. I am 19 years old. My father is 52 and sick with cancer. His entire body is on fire with cancer. He has only a few weeks to live. He takes small walks outside, maybe 100 yards out and back.  It is all the energy he can manage for one…

Birthday Party Appreciation

Today I met a guy who had just turned 34 years old.  I asked him if he had a birthday party to celebrate…he just laughed. He said that now, he is much too old to have a birthday party but when he was young, he had three parties.  That these are his fondest childhood memories….

Taco Bell Magic

7:06    Plane lands in Houston 9:11    Get to hotel…lucked out with the best possible parking place in stadium-sized full parking lot 10:31  See Taco Bell commercial on TV 10:33  Realize I haven’t had dinner 10:33  Massive craving for Taco Bell begins 10:45  Still thinking about Taco Bell…look up closest location on Google Maps 10:46  Decide…

The Awkward Proposition?

“NYET, NYET, NYET!!!”, the guy keeps shouting to me as I stand there in nothing but a towel.  That’s when I learned that he didn’t speak English.  Oh no, this is a huge misunderstanding!

Leaving Saudi Arabia

Just a quick video I made to address the boredom of waiting for my flight from Dammam.        

Abu Dhabi 2014

My son Cory is a very big Formula 1 enthusiast.  For his 21st birthday, we took a trip to Abu Dhabi to see the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.  Over the long weekend, we were able to do some other fun stuff too.  This video is a summary of the great time we had.