Working From Home


My days used to be spent on airplanes, long-haul flights, immigration counters, baggage claims, taxi’s to hotels, sitting at the bar for a late dinner (or early breakfast depending on the time of arrival).

Nowadays, I find myself sitting comfortably at home doing deals over the phone or having a video conference.

Working from home surely has it’s advantages…it also has it’s disadvantages.

The good:

  • Never being stuck in traffic – this is HUGE.
  • Not having to get dressed up every day.
  • Incorporating errands and regular life-events into the workday, i.e.] going to the market anytime you want.
  • Taking time to do other things when you want….like writing a new blog.  🙂
  • Taking naps ANYTIME YOU WANT!

The bad:

  • Losing touch with personal interaction.  It’s amazing how much energy you draw from human contact.  This is realized once you don’t have it.
  • Distractions.  The other day, I went outside to get a better mobile phone signal.  While talking on the phone, I noticed a week in the garden.  Next thing, I’m outside doing full-on gardening work.  🙂
  • Missing the excitement.  Although the travel can be exhausting, there are many cool experiences along the way.  The people that you meet, the places that you see, the small things that are interesting…eating street food in Thailand, making friends with a random guy in Poland, seeing the sunset in Singapore.  All these things are unplanned but also add to a rich life.

Today, I managed to do a $3-million dollar deal without shoes and while watching a stupid TV show about undercover drug busts in NYC.

Today was a good day working from home.



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  1. Zena Ann says:

    I am or was looking into possibly working from home based in my high levels of anxiety after suffering a great trauma recently. I just don’t know where to start and in the interim, my bills need to be paid NOW. I try not to get caught into the scams people play, I’m really serious. However, money isn’t something I have to even start. What is your suggestion?

    1. leh824 says:

      Hi Zena, thank you for your response. You ask an interesting question and I’m not sure I have the right answer. It’s something you just have to keep searching and seeking and try not to get caught up in the scams.

      1. Zena Ann says:

        Thank you @leh824. I’m not giving up.

      2. leh824 says:

        I just started to read some of your posts….wow!

      3. Zena Ann says:

        @leh824 yes, I have a very wild imagination. Thank you.

      4. leh824 says:

        Yeah, I love it. Kindred spirits as they say. Mmmmmmm…😈

      5. Zena Ann says:


      6. Zena Ann says:

        Thank you! Lol, I’ve never done it myself, bit if I did:

        ¹ I’d want to be teased so badly with my pussy being eaten and my nipples being paired with;
        ² I’d want to be fucked from the front or back, the levitation of not having anything to lean against will probably heighten my arousal.

        That’s just a base I guess of what I would like started on me.

      7. leh824 says:

        great start…thank you.

      8. Zena Ann says:

        You’re welcome. I hope you guys enjoy yourselves. Maybe mine will soon come. 🤞🥂😉

      9. leh824 says:

        keep floating ideas as you get them. Btw, I’m pulling for you to get yours!!

      10. Zena Ann says:

        💋 thanks hon. Hope yours is wonderful.

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