Opportunities Lost

The time was January 1982. I am 19 years old. My father is 52 and sick with cancer. His entire body is on fire with cancer. He has only a few weeks to live.

He takes small walks outside, maybe 100 yards out and back.  It is all the energy he can manage for one day.  Just to get out of bed and walk is excruciating.

I am washing my car outside the house…my beloved car. I watch him painfully struggle for each tender step.  His futile fight to stay alive impresses me.  I wonder what he thinks about.  He walks alone.  I wash my car.

I am 56 years old now and this moment, an opportunity lost, still haunts me. That I didn’t walk with him. That I didn’t comfort him. That I didn’t share precious last moments with him.

I love you dad.


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  1. James Alford says:

    Thank you, Larry. I can relate.
    I have a few regrets about some of the time I spent with my dad. Opportunities lost.

  2. John Lamprecht says:

    Larry I understand but I think the way we feel about our children our parents had to feel the same way…just them being home and even we don’t speak we feel the love and know that they will be ok when we’re not here any longer. It’s how we were raised and how we grew. I didn’t always agree but my intentions were always good. We love them forever.

    1. leh824 says:

      Thank you for the kind words, John.

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