Lost in Translation

No matter how I try to make it work OR force it, humor just doesn’t translate well to other cultures.  Although I know this, I still haven’t learned my lesson.  My story is about such a situation and called Lost in Translation. It starts off on a summer Saturday in Duabi.  It’s blazing hot and…

Wonderful Savannah

28 years ago, Lynne and started our journey as a couple and lived in the beautiful of Savannah, Georgia.   We were young, cool and had no appreciation of the wonderful place we had the awesome opportunity to experience. In August 2016, we made a trip back.   Not only was the city more remarkable…

Zion and Bryce Canyon

Zion and Bryce Canyon In late May, I was fortunate to visit SW Utah with my cousin Harry and three of his friends.  We spent five days hiking all over Zion National Park.  This area of the country far exceeded my expectations.  Here are some of my pictures.

Split-Second Thoughts

    Cape Town, South Africa The speed in which the human mind can process thoughts is truly amazing.  In less than a split-second, a person can have dozens of clear, independent thoughts along with the capacity to make fairly good decisions.  For me, my final thought before I saw the explosion of white light…

Chicken Curry

Visiting Trinidad for the first time. Got into the hotel and couldn’t wait for my first taste of world-famous Trinidad Chicken Curry. On my way to drop my bag off, I caught the restaurant before they closed. I requested the chicken curry and asked that they “light it up”. She politely warned me that Americans…

The Good Samaritin

I’m at the Dubai airport and duck into the bar with only 5 dirhams in my pocket (the equivalent of $1.36 USD).  I get the bar tender’s attention, lay the dirhams out of the table and ask if I have enough for a water….

Heathrow Airport Transfer

This is a quick look at a typical transfer at Heathrow Airport in London.  I hope you like it.    

Middle East Business Trip

I had too much time in the airport so I decided to make a video log of my trip. I stitched together very random pics and vids and then added some music. Hope you like it. Music: Hit Me Up Sonny by The Ting Tings    

The Arab Swimming Incident

Okay, I have a story that I’ve shared with many of you. It’s a story about what really is right and wrong and what is perceived as right and wrong. I often think about the story and call it The Arab Swimming Incident –

A Ride to the Top

The JW Marriott Marquis Dubai hotel is the tallest hotel in the world.  With it’s twin towers, it rises to 72 floors.  In a fit of boredom and insomnia, I made a short video of a ride to the top of tower B.